South African Steam Festival Volumes 1 & 2


South African Steam Festival 1991 Volumes 1 & 2South Africa was the last bastion of big time steam railroading which manifested itself on the 235 kilometre double track "Steel Kyalami" imberley - De Aar mainline.

In August 1991, just nine months before the line was dieselised, a unique steam event was staged.  Regular service locos, the giant 225 ton 4-8-4 25NC class, were joined by a variety of preserved engines to operate normal passenger and goods trains.  The cold, clear winter days provided the perfect setting for magnificent steam sights and sounds. There has never been another event like it since, and due to continued scrapping of 25NC class, a festival of this scale is no longer possible.

Each volume is 60 minutes in length and features trackside, depot, pacing and cab footage of the best action over the entire line.

Highlights on these two tapes are: This tape includes:

  • The first & only run of 6' drivered, double 16E pacifics in over 25 years
  • Pacing the 18 car Orange Express at 100 Kph+
  • See the world's two most modern and powerful 3'6" steam locos - the famous Red Devil 3450 and modified 25NC 3454
  • The superb atmosphere of a steam filled Beaconsfield depot at dusk
  • Pace double headed 16Es at sunset upgrade from Modder River
  • 23 class lifts heavy tonnage from Orange River on a freezing morning
  • Cabride the world's only working condenser 3511
  • Delight in double 16Es departing Beaconsfield at dawn
  • Over 10 classes of preserved "prestige" locos working solo and double headed and doubling with regular 25NCs