"Sayonara 766 - Coalie"

"Sayonara 766 - Coalie", This video features R 766's last trip as a coal burner.  On Sun 19 December 1999, the steam year drew to a spectacular close as R 711 accompanied R 766 to her new "home" at Ballarat East in preparation for her conversion to a "Super R" like R711 (but that's another story!).  This thrilling trip included runpasts, heavy acceleration, high speed running, R 766 banking R 711 up Warrenheip Bank, the day climaxing in a parallel run with R 711 and R 766.
This superb tape includes:
  • digital video footage using several camera crews;
  • spectacular footage of the double-headers at work, including runpasts, parallel runs;
  • in-cab footage;
  • pacing R 766 up Warrenheip Bank using R711 as the "pace-car";
  • pacing R 711 from R 766's train;
  • watch R 766's fire dropped for the last time;
  • cover photograph by noted photographer Greg Triplett.