"South East Salute"


South East Salute, A 60 minute tribute (all colour, all original sound) to the men and machines who worked the Melbourne - Yarram railway during its last decade of operation in the 1980s and 90s.  Steam and diesel locos are featured on regular and special workings of both passenger and goods trains.

Many regarded the heavily graded southeastern railway from Dandenong to Yarram as Victoria's most scenic secondary mainline, passing through the spectacular rolling hills of South Gippsland with many steep grades and sharp curves.   In 1993 the line was closed to regular traffic beyond Nyora, and torn up beyond Leongatha. In early 1998 the section from Cranbourne to Nyora was "mothballed".   Nyora to Leongatha is currently in use by a tourist railway.

This tape takes in locations from suburban Toorak to the terminus at Yarram in the 80s and 90s.   K and R class steam and S, P and T class diesels are featured on regular and special workings - both passenger and goods.

This tape includes:
  • Cabride K 190 up Bena bank; The last steam train to Yarram.
  • Double T class on the Barry Beach oil train.
  • Parallel K class on Toorak bank; P class on the Leongatha pass
  • Steam and diesel over Hoddle Range.