The Titans' Last Winter

Steam Media Productions have combined with Series 567 to produce Bruce William's two very popular VHS productions as a single 90 minute DVD. It covers the last two winters of mainline Garratt action in Zimbabwe during 1991 & 1992.

The two parts run for 52 and 38 minutes respectively, giving an hour and a half of absolute history. We see Garratt operations from sunrise to sunset, from lineside and in the cab, on both passenger and goods trains - regular and special, locomotive preparation, shed scenes at Bulawayo and Thompson Junction and the infrastructure associated with steam operations. Lines covered include Bulawayo - Plumtree, Bulawayo - West Nicholson and Bulawayo - Victoria Falls including aerial shots of a Garratt on the famous bridge linking Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Wankie Colliery line is also featured where ex Rhodesian Railways 19th class 4-8-2s haul coal to the main line. Couple Bruce's very capable camera work with his skilled editing and John Batwell's informative narration and you have a marvellous memento of an era now gone forever.