1994: The Victorian Year in Steam

1994: The Victorian Year in Steam: The impending standard gauge conversion hastened a first & last visit of ex-South Australia Railways 621 to Victoria, solo and doubled headed with an R class.  Triple headed R classes stormed to Bendigo, while regularly scheduled services (both passenger and freight) reverted to steam haulage on occasion.   Changing infrastructure meant that scenes such as the signal box operated gates at Yarraville would soon be consigned to history.

This two hour almanac featuring over 40 operations, including

  • Triple R class to Bendigo
  • SAR 621 & R 761 doubleheading; 621 solo
  • Rs on regular Geelong passenger trains inc cab ride
  • K 183 & 621 in tandem on Ingliston bank; Yarraville interlocking gates
  • Freight operations; double K class in Sth Gippsland Hills
  • J, K & R class on regular passenger workings
  • R class in all corners of the state
  • 520 & 761 parallel in the Adelaide Hills