1998: The Victorian Year in Steam

1998: The Victorian Year in Steam Travel back to 1998 and see how much has changed since last century. 1998 provided a variety of steam action on both main and tourist lines. Enthusiast trips, a triple header, special railfan operations at Maldon, a line re-opening, and many double headed combinations provided spectacular sound and vision. As well as statewide normal steam workings, modernised R 711 made a spectacular return to service for the West Coast Railway.

A two hour almanac featuring over 50 operations, including:

  • R 707, R 761, R 766 Traralgon bound;
  • Gembrook re-opening day and regular operations;
  • J 549 & K 160 doubleheading by day & night;
  • R 711 on mainline & trial runs;
  • J 515 interstate to Oaklands;
  • Double R class on Bendigo line;
  • Cab ride 12A to Gembrook;
  • R class on regular service runs;
  • D3 639 & K 183 up Parwan Bank;
  • Evocative night scenes;
  • R 707 light up;
  • and much, much more....